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Whey V Plant Protein

One of the great debates is what is best for muscle building and health between whey protein and plant protein.

If you have wanted to build muscle for.many years whey protein has been the go to product, but for a few years now plant protein has been on the rise with hemp, pea, soy and rice protein.

Generally whey protein has the full spectrum of amino acids giving it the edge over some of the plant proteins, but can give you a bloated stomach and can cause other stomach and health disorders, especially the ones with added thickening agents like guar gum, xanthum gum and cellulose gum hence the rise in the sales of plant proteins.

Soy has the full spectrum of amino acids but is not so nice tasting, pea protein has a good source of amino acids but tastes pretty disgusting, hemp protein is like wall paper paste, rice protein tastes great but yields a small amount of amino acids but plant protein is generally healthier for the gut tract. The best way for plant protein is as a blend like soy, pea and rice as it has the full spectrum of amino acids and tastes much nicer with the rice protein in it to give it a sweeter flavour.

So the bottom line is if you want to build muscle getting a high quality whey protein or a well blended plant protein will both give you gains in muscle tissue as long as you follow a good training program, get plenty of sleep and a well balanced nutritional plan.

So if you are dairy or lactose intolerant a quality blended plant protein will work just as well as a quality whey protein.

Don’t be fooled by people saying whey is better than plant, both have their good and bad points but both will still help you with muscle recovery and growth.

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