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Maxtaping Kinesio Tape LP 628

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LP 628 Maxtaping Kinesio Tape


  • The LP 628 Maxtaping Kinesio Tape is a high-quality product designed to provide support and stability to muscles and joints during physical activities.


  • Made from durable and breathable materials, this tape offers a comfortable fit and allows for a full range of motion.


  • Its adhesive properties ensure that it stays in place even during intense workouts or sports activities.


  • The Maxtaping Kinesio Tape is suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals recovering from injuries.


  • It can be used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve overall performance.


  • With its versatile design, this tape can be applied to various body parts, including the shoulders, knees, and ankles.


  • Whether you’re looking for extra support during workouts or need assistance in your recovery process, the LP 628 Maxtaping Kinesio Tape is an excellent choice.



LP 628 Maxtaping kinesio Taping Size Guide

LP Max Taping is available in Pink or Blue and in sizes Small, Medium or Large. Each pack contains 10 sheets.

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Small, Medium, Large

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