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What Are The Best Supplements For Fitness and Weight Training By Spencer Jackson

When training intensely or for the first time, or playing vigorous sport, nutrition is a very important thing, you need to eat correctly before thinking about using sports supplements having a good balanced diet of carbohydrates including carbohydrates like organic oats, oat or wholemeal bread, natural muesli, brown/basmati rice, cous cous, whole-wheat pasta, fresh fruit/ vegetables is essential for energy and recovery. Proteins should come from fresh oily fish like salmon, trout and tuna, turkey and chicken breast, lean beef, pork and lamb. Your fats should come from olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and butter.
Once you have got the correct nutrition from your food you should then find out what the best types of sport supplements are available dependant on your body type and fitness goals.
Below are some tips on the correct types of supplements you should use dependant on the goals you have set yourself or what ever types of training you are participating in.
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Muscle Building Routine
Whey Isolate Protein                     -Virtually Fat, Carb and Lactose Free For Superior Gains in-Quality Lean Muscle
Testosterone/GH  Boosters           -For protein synthesis, masculinity, better quality sleep and Faster Muscle Growth
Slow Release Protein                    -Night time protein for muscle repair while you sleep
Pre-Workout Drink                        -For More Energy and mental Focus
BCAA’s                                          -For faster muscle repair and increase in protein synthesis
Power and Mass Building Routine
Creatine                                         -For Massive Increases in Power, size and Recovery
Mass Gainer                                   -For Fast Gains In Muscle Mass and Recovery
Glutamine                                       -Increases Muscle Recovery and reduces Muscle Soreness
Pre-Workout NO2 Formula            -For Energy, Mental Focus, Power and Muscle Pumps
Fat Loss Routine
Fat Loss Pills                                -Increases fat Loss, Suppresses Appetite and Increases Energy Levels
Low Carb High Protein Shake      -For Rapid Fat Loss, Meal Replacement and Reduction in Hunger Pains
CLA (Cunjugated Linoleic Acid)    -Increases Fat Metabolism, Reduces Muscle Wastage During Intense Dieting
HMB(Hydroxy-Methyl-Butyrate)    -Increases Fat Loss and Reduces Muscle Wastage
Endurance Training
Hydration Drinks                           -Replacement of electrolytes, regulation of blood sugar levels and Increased Energy
Recovery Formulas                       -Full muscle and glycogen recovery, hydration and replacement of electrolytes
Energy Bars/Gels                          -Convenient Energy and Hydration replacement
Athletic Routine
Whey Protein Blend                       -For Fast Muscle Repair and Increases in Muscle Tone
Pre and Post Workout Drink          -For More Energy, Recovery and Hydration
Immune Support                           -To Help Starve Off Cold, Infections and When Training Intenselt and Long Distances
Joint Support                                 -For Joint Repair and Injury Prevention
Beginners Routine
Whey Protein Blend                       -For Fast Muscle Repair and Muscle Tone
Glutamine                                      -For Muscle Recovery and Reduction In Muscle Soreness
Pre Workout Drink                         -For Energy and Mental Focus