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Hinged Knee Stabiliser LP 710


Hinged Stabilising Knee Brace


The LP710 Hinged Knee Stabiliser is a high-quality knee brace designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint. It features metal hinges that offer additional support to the medial and lateral ligaments, ensuring optimal stability during activities.


  • With two hook and loop straps, this knee stabiliser allows for easy adjustment and provides extra compression when needed. This feature ensures a secure fit and enhances stabilization during physical movements.


  • The neoprene circle pad surrounding the patella offers padded protection and prevents patella displacement.


  • Made from the finest closed cell neoprene, this knee stabiliser is covered with stretch nylon on both sides for maximum comfort.


  • The neoprene material not only provides excellent compression but also retains body heat, keeping the knee joint warm and promoting increased blood circulation.


  • The LP710 Hinged Knee Stabiliser is a reliable choice from our wide range of knee supports, offering superior support, stability, and comfort for individuals in need of knee joint support.


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