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BBE Matte Black Boxing Focus Pads


Introducing the BBE Matte Black Curved Boxing Focus Pads, meticulously designed to enhance your boxing workout experience. Made with high quality Flex PU leather construction, these boxing hook and jab pads offer a perfect balance of cushioning, durability, and exceptional shock dispersion, ensuring a comfortable and secure workout session. Equipped with palm grip technology, these pads ensure stability and comfort for the user, allowing for precise and controlled movements during training sessions. The inclusion of hook and loop straps further enhances convenience, enabling an easy and adjustable fit for seamless workouts. Experience the perfect blend of cushioning, durability, and shock dispersion with the BBE Matte Black Curved Boxing Focus Pads, designed to elevate your training with stability, comfort, and convenience.


  • Comfortable & highly durable: Flex PU Leather construction provides cushioning, durability, and excellent shock dispersion
  • Stability with palm grip technology: Palm grip technology ensures stability and comfort
  • Convenient fit: Hook and loop straps offer easy and adjustable fitting


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BBE Matte Black Boxing Focus Pads Details

Code: BBEM903
Brand: BBE
Material: PU leather
Colour: Black
Size Guide: N/A
Warning: All fight sports are contact sports. Any contact sport can be dangerous and result in serious injury. When training or competing, be sure you are in good physical condition and under expert supervision. This equipment will provide limited protection, but will not protect against serious injury. Anyone using this equipment must assume the risk of any injury. Wear and tear of the product will reduce its level of protection over time. Inspect the product regularly and replace when necessary.
Care Instructions: Air out your pads after use to prevent moisture build up and odour. Periodically wipe the exterior with a damp cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals, to maintain their cleanliness and quality. Use glove deodorisers and rotate between pairs to keep them dry and fresh, while avoiding direct sunlight for storage to prevent material degradation.