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Heroes Ultimate Muscle Stack


Gym Protein Stack


Introducing the Heroes Muscle Stack, a comprehensive muscle building support stack designed to enhance your workout routine. This stack includes a range of sport supplements to support muscle growth, energy levels and aid in recovery.


  • The Heroes Muscle Stack features the Heroes WHEY Protein 900g, a high-quality low calorie/sugar protein powder that provides essential amino acids to support muscle growth and repair.


  • Additionally, the stack includes the Heroes EXO-TEST 120 Capsules, a male testosterone support supplement that helps optimize hormone levels for supporting increased muscle mass and strength.


  • For an added boost before your workouts, the Heroes PRE-XTR is included, an advanced pre-workout supplement that supports the enhancement of energy, focus, and endurance.


  • Lastly, the Heroes NOS-XTR (Pump & Strong) 120 Capsules, a caffeine-free pre-workout supplement, is included to provide a nitric oxide boost for improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles. Take With the Pre-XTR, or when you are training late and don’t want the caffeine


  • With the Heroes Muscle Stack, you’ll have all the necessary tools to support your muscle building goals and take your workouts to the next level.


Protein Stack Details:

1 x Heroes WHEY Protein 900g Choice of Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla

1 x Heroes EXO-TEST 120 Capsules

1 x Pre-XTR Pre-workout 450g

1 X NOS-XTR (Pump & Strong) 120 Capsules

Additional information


Chocolate Whey & Blue Raspberry Pre, Chocolate Whey & Strawberry Lime Pre, Strawberry Whey & Blue Raspberry Pre, Strawberry Whey & Strawberry Lime Pre, Vanilla Whey & Blue Raspberry Pre, Vanilla Whey & Strawberry Lime Pre