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Heroes Fitness Store’s Spencer Jackson Visits Swanton Morley Robertson Barracks 8/10/14


I am visiting Swanton Morley Robertson Barracks today to meet up with the Light Dragoons thanks to Armand Duplessis

I am bringing along with me promotional Protein shakers, water bottles for the Dragoons to have, Omni-MX Hardcore, Ripped Core and Whey RippedCore, Protein Duo Bars for the dragoons to sample as well as some for them to purchase if need be, also I am bringing along some Assault preworkout drink and some Shred-X RippedCore fat Burners for them to purchase to.

All of these supplements are Informed Sport Registered  as the Light Dragoons like any other armed forces personnel are drug tested frequently to make sure they are not having any illegal substances.

I am hoping this wil be a one to two monthly regular visit as it is difficult for th Dragoons to get to my Norwich Store, I will also be visiting Colchester Barracks very soon to visit the 5 regiments of the Para’s

Heres to a fit and healthy October for everyone