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Trigger Point Massage Ball Set


Set of 3 trigger Point Massage Balls


If you need a deep massage at home, then look no further than here. This trigger point massage ball set has three different levels of hardness; perfect for acupressure, relief of tense muscles, and trigger point release. The trigger point massage balls can be used for an all over body massage, from your neck to the balls of your feet. If you would like a highly intense massage, we recommend using these balls in conjunction with a massage roller for additional tension release. Easy to transport to and from the gym!

Set of 3 trigger point massage balls in 3 different hardness levels
Perfect before or after exercise – use for acupressure massage & trigger point release
Amazing results when used in conjunction with a foam roller


Buy Trigger Point Massage Balls Online UK or In Store at Heroes Fitness Store Norwich Norfolk or Colchester Essex Now

Perfect fitness gift for her or him



Fitness Mad Trigger Point Massage Ball Set Details

Brand: Fitness-Mad
Material: PVC
Colour: Blue – Soft, Green – Medium & Grey – Hard
Dimensions: 6cm (DIA)
Weight: 250g
Warning: This product is not sutiable for use by people with back injuries or those who suffer from lower back pain.

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