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Heroes Ultimate Muscle Mass Stack

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Bodybuilding Mass Stack


Introducing the Heroes Muscle Mass Stack, a comprehensive muscle building support stack that includes a range of sport supplements to enhance your workout routine.



  • Support increases in testosterone levels with the Heroes EXO-Test 120 Capsules, a male testosterone support supplement that helps support muscle mass and strength.


  • Get an added energy boost before your workouts with the Heroes Pre-XTR, an advanced pre-workout supplement that supports the enhancement of energy, focus, and endurance.


  • Support muscle recovery and promote restful sleep with the Heroes Zzz-XTR 120 Capsules, packed with essential nutrients like magnesium, zinc, B6, and ashwagandha.


Heroes Ultimate Mass Stack Comprises OF


1 x 5kg Heroes XXL All-In-One Protein For The Hard Gainer 5kg

1 x Heroes Pre-XTR Advanced Pre-Workout Supplement

1 x Heroes Zzz-XTR Advanced Night Time Formula

1 x Heroes EXO-Test (Test & Strong) Advanced Male Test Supplement

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Chocolate XXL & Blue Raspberry Pre, Chocolate XXL & Strawberry Lime Pre, Strawberry XXL & Blue Raspberry Pre, Strawberry XXL & Strawberry Lime Pre, Vanilla XXL & Blue Raspberry Pre, Vanilla XXL & Strawberry Lime Pre