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BBE Matte Black Boxing Gloves 12oz, 14oz or 16oz


PU Leather Matte Black Boxing Gloves

Introducing the BBE Matte Black Boxing Gloves, a perfect blend of style and functionality.

  • These sleek black gloves feature the bold letters “BPE” emblazoned on them, adding a touch of uniqueness to your boxing gear.


  • Crafted with high-quality materials, these gloves offer superior durability and protection during intense training sessions or competitive bouts.


  • With their matte black finish, these gloves exude a sense of sophistication and power, making them a must-have for any boxing enthusiast.


  • Elevate your performance and make a statement with the BBE Matte Black Boxing Gloves.

12oz boxing gloves are lighter gloves typically used for speed training, pad work, or boxers who prefer a lighter feel. They offer less padding and are more suitable for experienced fighters who want less restriction in movement.

14oz boxing gloves are slightly heavier that are suitable for both training and sparring. They provide a good balance between speed and padding, offering a reasonable protection for both the wearer and the sparring partner.

16oz boxing gloves are the heaviest and are primarily designed for sparring. They offer the most padding and protection, reducing the impact and risk of injury during sparring sessions.

The choice of glove weight depends on the purpose as well as the size of your hand, see our boxing gloves size guide for more information.


  • Premium construction: Crafted from PU leather, these gloves offer a luxurious feel and durability for long lasting performance
  • Enhanced protection: Reinforced thumb area ensures stability and safety during intense training
  • Sleek design: Matte black finish with spot gloss printing adds sophistication to your gear

Discover the durability and style of BBE Matte Black boxing gloves. Get your pair today and Buy BBE Matte Black Boxing Gloves Online or In Store at Heroes Fitness Store Norwich Norfolk or Colchester Essex Now and elevate your training game!

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Size Guide for Boxing Gloves


Size CM Inches
8oz/Junior <16.5 <6.5
12oz/Youth/S–M Adult 16.5–21 6.5–8.3
14oz/L–XL Adult 21–24 8.3–9.4
16oz/L–XL Adult >24 >9.4
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12oz, 14oz, 16oz