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QuickGrip Refillable Chalk Ball


Chalk Balls Refillable

Introducing the QuickGrip Refillable Chalk Ball, a must-have accessory for climbers and athletes.

  • This product features a white ball enclosed in a convenient package, ensuring mess-free and easy application of chalk.


  • The refillable design allows for continuous use, making it a cost-effective choice for avid climbers.


  • Enhance your grip and performance with the QuickGrip Refillable Chalk Ball, the perfect companion for your next adventure.


  • TRUSTED | Our chalk is tried & tested by athletes from a multitude of different sports | Perfect indoor & outdoor rock climbing chalk, gymnastic chalk for bars, powerlifting, and weight lifting chalk, hang board training, pull up bars, kettlebells, and the list continues!

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Nice fitness gift


Refillable Chalk Ball Information:

Pack Weight: 56g

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

1 Ball, Pack of 3 Balls

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