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Adidas Speed Super Pro Head Guard Black/Gold


Speed Super Pro Head Guard By Adidas

Unique striking design. Increased wear resistance of the material. Anti-allergenic and anti-slip properties of the lining. Comfortable fit. I-PROTECH +: an adidas exclusive, a composite structure of a moulded liner with an additional layer of gel for high shock absorption. PU4G is an innovative new generation polyurethane. It has super strong properties thanks to a specially designed fiber structure. Confirmed by tests. COMFORT + technology: a new technology that gives the material anti-allergenic and anti-slip properties. Provides rapid evaporation of liquid from the body surface.
The technology provides maximum comfort to the athlete.

  • Lightweight and comfortable adidas boxing headguard
  • A helmet with cheekbones and crown protection will provide superior protection.
  • Designed for both hobbyists and professional use.
  • Made of PU4G polyurethane, soft and durable.
  • PU4G looks like leather and is insensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • The I-PROTECH® technology with which the filler is made provides shock and vibration absorption.
  • The lining is made using I-Comfort + ® technology from Amara Cold wave material, provides quick evaporation of liquid and has anti-allergenic and anti-slip properties.

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