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Christmas Presents For Fitness


With Xmas round the corner many of us are running out of ideas what to get our family, partners, children and friends.


I have some great ideas for fitness Christmas gifts for him and fitness Christmas gifts for her.


Anyone who does boxing would love  a pair of hand wraps or a skipping rope or even a decent pair of bag mitts or focus pads.

Karate, Kung Fu, MMA or Judo enthusiasts would definitely enjoy having a kit bag for all there martial arts training equipment or a kick pad to help increase their kicking power and for target practice.

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for fitness accessories like core fitness gloves and core balls or resistance tubes for toning and sports injury rehabilitation.

Body builders and weight lifters are always looking for lifting accessories like weight lifting gloves, wrist supports, liquid chalk and also dumbbells for home use.

And for after the festive activities weight and fat loss are always on the agenda of many people, diet shakes and fat loss pills will help shift these extra few pounds put on over Xmas and New Year celebrations.


Well I hope I have been of some help for any one looking for some last minute Xmas Shopping

Goodbye all 🙂