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Ultra Speed Rope With Aluminium Handles


Lightweight Boxing Speed Rope


The Fitness-Mad Ultra Speed Rope is the perfect choice for those in need of a speed rope that can keep up with their intense workouts. With its fast and tangle-proof design, this rope will never slow you down.


  • It features a metal bearing, smooth-turning system that ensures a seamless skipping experience.


  • Whether you’re into CrossFit, Double Unders, HIIT, Cardio, MMA, or Boxing training, this rope will help boost your speed, agility, and coordination.


  • The handle’s attractive knurling pattern not only adds style but also prevents slipping during sweaty workouts.


  • Plus, the quick-adjust system allows for lightning-fast length adjustments to suit users of all heights.

Get ready for an ultra-fast skipping experience with the Fitness-Mad Ultra Speed Rope.

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Ultra Speed Rope product Details


Brand: Fitness-Mad
Material: Aluminium handles with PVC coated steel rope and steel screw adjust system
Colour: Silver handles & black rope
Dimensions: 3m (L)
Weight: 350g

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